It’s gonna be a looooooong week. Do you know what you (and I) need? Dogs! Lots of great doggos, in fact.

As the old saying goes, we don’t deserve dogs. Not by a long shot.


1. He looks borderline evil.

2. Don’t eat wasps.

3. All caught up.

4. Coming to the rescue.

5. A gentle giant.

6. Took a stage dive.

7. Don’t tell him how to drive.

8. Totally feeling it.

9. Lay off the White Claw.

10. Poppin’ up everywhere.

11. Felt like an eternity.

12. That should do the trick.

13. Look into my eyes.

14. Spray me, not the car!

15. This guy is a gem.

Do you have some pics or videos of your dog acting goofy or hilarious?

Share them in the comments!