I know fast food is pretty bad for you, but dammit, it’s delicious. Am I right or am I right?

Clearly, I’m on the same page as the people responsible for the tweets below, because they are not holding back. At all.

And I’m with them…are you?

1. Was it good, though?

2. Not mine, sir.

3. That’s how it works.

4. Judy wants the carnitas…

5. Might be a long day.

6. They do tend to add up.

7. These are for everyone.

8. It’s a classy joint.

9. Drive and don’t stop!

10. We all do this from time to time.

11. …And it’s working…

12. Make a pit stop.

13. Did he Super Size?

14. They knew you were classy.

15. I understand that Einstein was a big fan of their roast beef.

What’s your favorite fast food joint?

Mine’s a tie between White Castle and a chain in Kansas City called Taco Via.

Tell us yours in the comments! Let’s compare notes!