We keep saying this over and over again, but we need to repeat it because it’s so true: the ladies on Twitter are absolutely hysterical.

And here are 15 more that you’ll probably start following after you scroll through these tweets.

Get ready to LOL!

1. That is amazing.

2. Mom is quite crafty.

3. Had to do it.

4. Looks like a cat burrito.

5. I’m freakin’ out!

6. Why is that?

7. Yeah, that’s kinda weird.

8. That cat is a movie star.

9. That is a terrible idea.

10. That’s a great question…

11. Isn’t that always how it works?

12. You deserve a new home.

13. Obviously you’re not part of a power couple.

14. God did indeed grow up.

15. He probably does…

Keep making us laugh, ladies!

We can’t get enough of it!