15 Funny Tweets from People Who Have Chosen a Kid-Free Life

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Hey, guess what? Not everyone wants to have kids! In fact, some folks are downright opposed to it.

These people are child-free and loving it!

Enjoy their tweets…

1. Truth bomb!

2. Do what you want.

3. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

4. That was a really good talk.

5. Did you sleep last night?

6. You’re on to something here.

7. That’ll really make it clear.

8. You look very well-rested.

9. You can do that!

10. That’s you!

11. A lot of free time.

12. You do you, okay?

13. Childless Day.

14. Seriously, what’s the point?

15. That’s really all you need

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Do you have children or have you chosen a kid-free life? Sound off in the comments!