15 Funny Tweets About What People Did When They Were Drunk



We all do stupid stuff when we’ve had a few too many brewskies, right?

You better believe it!

But you also might come up with some genius ideas when you’re three sheets to the wind, as well.

There’s a little mix of both in these 15 drunk tweets. Enjoy them!

1. A great purchase.

2. She’s doing good work.

3. Are you okay, airport?

4. You did nothing wrong. NOTHING.

5. Mom gets it.

6. Four deliveries! Might be a record.

7. Oh, there it is.

8. That was kind of amazing.

9. Time to head home.

10. Jekyll and Hyde.

11. Hello, Ms. President.

12. Get it together, Steve.

13. A legend, that’s for sure.

14. The old pizza for a cushion trick. Timeless.

15. That’s brilliant!

Okay, it’s confession time!

Let’s hear your most hilarious and humiliating drunk stories.