Sure, sex is great…but have you seen these tweets?

People are weighing in on social media about what they think is as good or better than doing the deed, knocking the boots, doing the horizontal mamba…or whatever you want to call it.

Let’s dive into these and get inside the heads of these folks…

1. That is SEXY.

2. Very satisfying.


4. Not yet…

5. Way better than sex.

6. What a relief.

7. This is my space.


9. Might not be able to beat this one.

10. This has to be a fantasy.

11. Meetings are pretty brutal.

12. That’s impossible.

13. Made a new friend.

14. Showed them…

15. Ahhhh, I’m spent.

Those are pretty hilarious.

Why don’t you share your own version in the comments…we know you have a few of these on your mind!