The Super Bowl Halftime Show this year was pretty exciting. People got all fired up about the “revealing” performances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and one man is even planning to sue the NFL because he thought the show was too racy.

It sounds like he has a lot of time on his hands, but what do I know?

People either loved the show or hated it, and here are 15 funny tweets about the big night.

1. She is risen.

2. Rickety b*tches.

3. Two can play at that game.

4. Yes, we’re ready.

5. Classy guy.

6. Need to catch up.

7. Quite mesmerized.

8. I’m telling my kids…

9. An app sampler.

10. Marketing 101.

11. Moved to tears.

12. You weren’t alone on this one.

13. Need some alone time.

14. Falling in love again.

15. Still killin’ it!

Woohoo! Those tweets sure gave me a laugh!

Did you watch the halftime show? What did you think about it? Amazing? Offensive?

Tell us all about it in the comments!