15 Funny Tweets About Self-Care From Parents



When you’re single and without kids, you may think your life is busy and you have no time for taking care of yourself

But when you have kids? You’re in for a whole new world, my friends. A walk from the living room to the bathroom might be the only exercise you get during a week filled with family obligations.

Parents are still trying to practice self-care in their own unique ways, though.

And here are some funny tweets about it.

1. That’s what it’s called.

2. I totally get it.

3. Sleep is all you need.

4. Whatever works.

5. It’s a fun game!

6. All of the above.

7. Looks like she’s killin’ it.

8. That’s all you get from now on.

9. The ultimate checklist.

10. DON’T DO IT!

11. Whole lot of screaming going on.

12. You might be on to something.

13. Some truth right here.

14. The master plan.

15. That will also work.

Hey, self-care is important, right? No matter how small the doses are…

Parents, we want to hear from you!

Tell us how you break away if even for a second to have a little time to yourself. Let’s hear from you in the comments!