Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you’ve seen the now-infamous Peloton commercial and you’ve heard all the blowback regarding the ad.

You know the one…


People are upset that the commercial sends the wrong message to women and that it is passive-aggressive about weight issues.

Let’s see what folks on Twitter had to say about this…

1. Come on…

2. They’re gonna be very busy…

3. That’s your problem.

4. Oh won’t you please take me home!!

5. Get Out!

6. Nothing at all.

7. She does look a little down.

8. Ransom.

9. I’ll take it!

10. Hahahaha.

11. Do you need help?

12. She’s terrified.

13. An alternate universe.

14. I’ll be waiting…


15. Both stuck in less-than-ideal situations.

What are your thoughts about this commercial and the controversy surrounding it?