For us Americans, food from other cultures can seem strange and unfamiliar. That was the whole point of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. To Americans watching that show, the fun definitely was in seeing Bourdain try unfamiliar foods. But a significant part of that fun was also realizing that lots of people love the foods you and I find strange and unappetizing.

Well now the shoe is on the other foot! Because it turns out, lots of foods we Americans have been eating our entire lives are actually quite weird to everyone else. None of us should be surprised to learn this–if you and I think fermented bean curd and pig’s feet is strange, why wouldn’t someone from China think the same thing about a PB&J sandwich? But it’s still surprising anyway.

Scroll down and check out 15 foods that you and I love, but would probably make people from other countries want to hurl. Bon appetit!

1. Peanut butter: America’s answer to Vegemite.

Photo Credit: @hjdarkling

2. It’s almost like BBQ is a way to dress up something you’d otherwise throw away!

Photo Credit: @98_aleisha

3. Something tells me this guy is from France.

Photo Credit: @SJWslayer786

4. No thanks.

Photo Credit: @tianaabdullahxo

5. Is it a condiment, or a side dish? Discuss.

Photo Credit: @allylsh

6. A little salmonella never hurt anybody.

Photo Credit: @ckoliflower

7. Well, how else are you supposed to eat crap like celery and carrots?

Photo Credit: @heartlesslyhope

8. Nobody tell him about white cheddar popcorn.

Photo Credit: @LuceEarnshaw

9. Apparently, you can screw up boiling water.

Photo Credit: @Oloni

10. Want some carbs with those carbs?

Photo Credit: @ayeerdna

11. To be fair, plenty of Americans hate this, too.

Photo Credit: @cookieballer

12. I would eat anything for love–but I won’t eat that. 

Photo Credit: @calzonaddict

13. Tomato, tomaNO!

Photo Credit: @hjdarkling

14. Wait, there are other ways to process emotions?

Photo Credit: @ItsLindoBby

15. Actually, I’m siding with the rest of the world on this one.

Photo Credit: @allylsh

h/t: Buzzfeed