Parenting is a huge undertaking. And any good parent will tell you that it’s impossible to make it through without a little creativity. You’ve gotta be able to roll with the punches, because babies are as unpredictable as it gets. Check out these parents who found creative solutions to parenting’s toughest problems.

1. Not getting out of that one.

Photo Credit: Reddit: malleeman

2. Multitasking at its finest.

3. This looks like a blast.

Photo Credit: Imgur: snarkface

4. Never confuse twins again.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @LeeStrobel

5. Tire out the baby and get a clean floor at the same time.

Photo Credit: BetterThanPants

6. Give your baby some walls that they’re allowed to draw on.

7. When your baby falls asleep on you but you’ve still gotta eat.

Photo Credit: Instagram: jankity_j

8. Shopping may take twice as long, but at least you don’t have to walk.

9. This dad will do anything to make sure his baby stays calm through a photo shoot.

Photo Credit: Imgur: juduma

10. Well played, mom. Well played…

11. Did you know you can make “momsicles” by freezing breast milk on pacifiers for your teething tots?

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12. Turn your baby’s old clothes into a quilt.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Skiba

13. A must-have for any kid with an ice cream cone.

Photo Credit: Imgur: tallgirlproblemsareforreal

14. When it’s dad’s turn to do her hair.

15. Extend your faucet for little hands.

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