Summer is great…when you’re a kid. Sure, anyone can get behind the idea of having a three-month vacation with perfect weather. But as we all become adults, we slowly realize that not only is summer just another season of the year, without a break from our responsibilities–it’s also hot, sticky, buggy, and depending on where you live, hurricane-ey. On top of that, there are no good sports on TV, all the movies are about superheroes, and public places are overrun with pale businesspeople wearing their one pair of cargo shorts.

It’s official: summer is the worst season.

But if you’ve fallen out of love with summertime, at least you’re not alone! Because the folks over at Buzzfeed have compiled this selection of cartoons about the less-than-glamourous parts of summer. At the very least, they’ll give you something to chuckle about as you cling desperately to the air conditioner in your darkened apartment until the calendar hits September.

1. Oh, you wanted to enjoy the summer? A certain virus would like a word with you.

Photo Credit: Becky Barnicoat

2. Aunt Flo cares little about your “vacation plans.”

Photo Credit: Crystal Ro

3. You will single-handedly keep the sunscreen industry in business.

Photo Credit: Will Varner

4. Alternately, you will keep the aloe industry in business.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hickey

5. Hold on to your face, because it might melt off.

Photo Credit: Loryn Brantz

6. You’ll get trapped in a vicious, sweaty cycle.

Photo Credit: Maritsa Patrinos

7. Horror lurks beneath the surface.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hickey

8. This is the only summer fling worth having.

Photo Credit: Andrew Peña

9. The freezer aisle in the grocery store starts reminding you of Antarctica.

Photo Credit: Flo Perry

10. It’s OK, it’s not like you needed any feeling in your legs.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hickey

11. You’ll revise your personal grooming standards. (Or abandon them entirely.)

Photo Credit: Flo Perry

12. Swimsuit season is also anxiety season.

Photo Credit: Alicia Herber

13. You won’t be comfortable anywhere.

Photo Credit: Adam Ellis

14. Ariel makes it look so easy.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hickey

15. Why not bail on summer entirely and hibernate ’til autumn?

Photo Credit: Maritsa Patrinos



h/t: Buzzfeed