What can I say, men are pretty clueless.

Actually, make that a lot clueless. And the indisputable evidence is below.

I apologize for all men in advance of you looking at these photos…I’m terribly sorry.

1. I don’t have the remote, okay?

He insisted that he DID NOT have it! from funny

2. A scary image.

3. THE Penguin, not A Penguin.

I guess my boyfriend didn’t quite understand when I said he should be the penguin… from funny

4. Not exactly Guy Fieri.

5. Not the same, is it?

photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me from funny

6. Looks like a swamp.

7. C’mon dude, it’s not that hard.

My 21 year old boyfriend made his first pot of coffee this morning… from funny

8. Not on the same page.

Boyfriend and I got the same valentines day car for each other. The inside couldn’t be more different though. from funny

9. Won’t try that again.

10. Is there a problem?

Asked my boyfriend to make the dish for a potluck this weekend… from funny

11. Just like Rambo.

Girlfriend asked me to sharpen her lipstick

12. Do you eat?

Today I opened my 29 year old boyfriend’s fridge. This is consistently what his fridge looks like. I fear for males everywhere. We must help them, but can they be helped?? from funny

13. Just a little off the top.

apparently my boyfriend doesn’t understand the term, ‘a trim’ from funny

14. I’m on his side.

I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain and now we have this from funny

15. You had one job!

My boyfriend is dog sitting for me, he just sent me this from funny

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We can’t get enough!