15 Animals That Ruined Wedding Photos

Photo Credits: Weefan Photography/Chris and Kristy


Taking photos with animals is always a dicey proposition, and if you take a formal picture with them you’re just asking for trouble. That’s what one couple learned this week when they got married at the Minnesota Zoo and tried for a photo opp in front of a bear. The Russian grizzly didn’t look too happy about it:

The photos, which were taken by Chris and Kristy Photography, quickly went viral, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone knows how important wedding photos are, and to see them “ruined,” (or, made amazing), is always funny.

But this Minnesota couple is far from the first to have their wedding photos invaded by a photogenic animals. It actually happens quite commonly! Below, (via Bored Panda and Hitched), you can check out some animals that made wedding, (and some engagement) photos so much better.


1. Squirrelly

Photo Credit: B.D.F.K. Photography

2. Get My Good Side

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Early Wedding Present

4. Sniff Sniff

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

5. The Thanksgiving Fugitive

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

6. Hump Day

Photo Credit: Oddee

7. Fiona the Hippo

Photo Credit: Hayley Roll

For more Fiona, check out the Cincinnati Zoo on Instagram.

8. Sticking His Neck Out

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. Just A Nibble

Photo Credit: Ken Pak

10. Best Man Beluga

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Hump Day 2: Different Meaning

Photo Credit: David One

12. Autumn Explosion

Photo Credit: DnK Photography

For more of Louie the Wiener Dog utterly wrecking this engagement shoot, go here.

13. Lleave Us Allone

Photo Credit: Caroline Tran

14. Bambi

Photo Credit: Liz Lui

15. Objection!

Photo Credit: Pinterest



h/t: Bored Panda and Hitched