We all have our morning rituals to get our day started. Here’s what I do pretty much every day of the week.

Wake up, have a small bite to eat, drink a bunch of coffee, and get straight to work. After a few hours, I like to talk a 4-mile walk through my neighborhood (if it’s not raining) and then it’s more coffee and more work.

It may sound boring, but I like my routine, especially since I’m so used to it by now.

We all have our rituals and some people definitely have some pretty strange ones.

Let’s take a look at unique ones that people shared on Twitter.

1. Best to keep him inside.

Just in case…

2. Time for your ride!

Are you ready?

3. Always the same.

What a life.

4. Turn on something good.

You need to make sure they’re happy, ya know?

5. I like this song.

It could even be a hit!

6. We’re not common people.

And the burglars better realize that!

7. Love u2?

What a band!

8. Goodnight, missing children.

Well, isn’t that sweet?

9. Every single time.

Just like a disaster movie.

10. That’s a good idea.

You don’t want a fire on your hands.

11. Open up the blinds.

Don’t want to upset him…

12. You’re a big winner!

Every single day!

13. You’re in charge.

No, not you!

14. Get ready for your breakfast.

I’m sure he loves this.

In the comments, tell us about your own unique morning rituals.

We want to hear everything.

Please and thank you!