Ah, Tumblr. The place of all things good and meme-y. Not to mention all the great stories.

You never know what you’re gonna get on Tumblr and that’s part of the beauty of that wonderful site!

In fact, that’s what this list is all about. Check out these 14 funny-as-hell stories straight from Tumblr and get ready to laugh.

1. Classic Brenda

Brenda does it again! She never fails!

2. Just like Jesus

Savannah was determined…

Photo Credit: Tumblr: kaity–did

3. Powerful

Back when I was a Freshman…this should be good…

Photo Credit: Tumblr: donkamatic

4. Yikes

He wrote a play about it?!?! Wow…

Photo Credit: Tumblr: thatisrad

5. Truly epic

Are you okay?!?!

6. Nic Cage would be proud

I wonder where she got this idea…

7. Am I hearing things?

Can you say that one more time?

Photo Credit: Tumblr: goshdaggett

8. It’s all fun until someone gets offended

Uh oh, now people are offended…

Photo Credit: Tumblr: bratphomet

9. Bada**

A quick getaway.

10. She better have got an A+

An activity called “Musical Groceries.”

Photo Credit: Tumblr: voxeterna1

11. A helluva drug

WTF is going on here?

Photo Credit: Tumblr: thecapn

12. Dinner

Can’t go back there again.

13. You showed him

And you blew his mind.

14. C’mon, Mr. Noodle!

The good ol’ motel TV.

Photo Credit: Tumblr: madlori

Well, I’m all out of laughs for the day.

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