14 Funny Tweets About the Reality of High School

(C)Unsplash,Scott Webb


High school sure was a lot of fun, huh? Teenage hormones were raging, juvenile delinquency was all the rage…oh, and we were learning some stuff, too.

Let’s relive those glory days with some hilarious tweets about the good times of high school…

1. Run for it!

2. Think about that one…

3. Never again.

4. Wayyyyyyyy too early.

5. The good old days.

6. It’s called research.

7. A big energy boost.

8. Just like Uncle Rico.

9. Snooze Fest.

10. Put in a lot of work.

11. I know you did!

12. The smart ones.

13. Not very realistic.

14. Takes a certain kind, I guess.

Those brought me back! Way back!

How about you? How did your high school years treat you?

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