Let’s have some real talk: Americans love Hollywood, they love pop culture, and they love awards shows. So you know millions of them tuned in recently to watch the Emmy awards.

And, as with every awards show, it became kind of self-indulgent and ridiculous, so naturally people on Twitter had to make fun of it mercilessly.

So enjoy these funny tweets poking fun of this year’s Emmys!

1. Had no idea.

2. Definitely still bitter.

3. Uh oh, that’s not good.


4. Seems kinda true.

5. Life imitating art.


6. Put everything away!

7. Ken Jeong for Prez 2020!

8. What’s the deal?

9. Live on worldwide TV.

10. No idea who this man is.

11. Proud as heck.

12. Somehow…

13. Quite a few.


14. Boom! There it is.

Did you watch The Emmys?

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