14 Funny Tweets About Relationship Failures

(C)Unsplash,Fred Moon


We’ve all been there. Failed relationships really suck – in fact, they can suck the life right out of you. Know what I’m saying?

But look at the bright side of things! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you live and you learn, right?


Here are some very funny tweets about relationship fails. Do you think these people are still together…?

1. A little over the top.

2. This is kind of intense.

3. Not gonna happen.

4. Gee, sorry about that…

5. He did as he was told…

6. The elusive pistachio shell.

7. That is unforgivable.

8. Close…

9. Not good at following along, is he?

10. Hmmmm…

11. What did you just say?

12. Ghost on the wall.

13. Hahahahaha.

14. Could’ve been cute…

Keep your head up! You’ll be fine! You didn’t need to be with that jerk anyway!