Do you follow the Instagram page tldr.wikipedia? If you don’t you should because it’s pretty hilarious.

It basically boils down subjects to “no BS” definitions that are actually pretty darn accurate, if you ask me.

Here are some good examples from that funny Instagram account.

1. That is very true.

2. Yes, you are an asshole.

3. The proud, the few.

4. Did you know that?

5. Very, very true.

6. It’s all lies.

7. Definitely doesn’t look cool.

8. Mostly inactivewear.

9. Ouch! Sorry, Olive Garden.

10. Getting youngsters ready!

11. It’s up there somewhere.

12. No fun at all.

13. Edgy eighth graders.

14. It’s all about ME.

Totally on point, am I right?

What are some of your favorite entries on this page?

Let us know in the comments!