It always bums me out when I see a dog that is clearly wayyy overweight and you know they’re struggling.

Maybe it’s a genetic thing, maybe they don’t get enough exercise, or maybe they just have owners who don’t really care.

Whatever the case, it’s always depressing because you know those pups would love to be healthy, fit, and to be able to run all over the place.

Well, here are some photos that are going to inspire you!

All of these dogs lost a bunch of weight and they look absolutely fabulous!

Let’s take a look!

1. Good job, Buddy!

Walking off the pounds.

My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her. So proud of Buddy’s weight loss!!!
byu/strikeoutsteph inaww

2. Very handsome, indeed.

And he feels better, no doubt!

handsome ex-chonker
byu/raabixr indechonkers

3. Before and after.

And also looking very stylish.

4. Huge weight loss!

Poor guy used to have to wear a harness.

5. Getting healthy!

One day at a time.

Good girl gets healthy
byu/loveOpossum inrarepuppers

6. Very svelte.

Feeling much more comfortable.

7. Looking great!

Still has that worried face. Cute!

8. Having fun out in the snow!

Enjoying life much more these days.

9. Great work, Reba!

A long road.

It has taken 2 years since we adopted her, but Reba has dropped more than half her weight and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
byu/OkieDogDad inaww

10. Skinny Zeus.

Dropping the pounds like nobody’s business.

11. Can you believe it?

I sure can! Way to go!

12. A whole new dog.

A LOT of weight lost.

13. Much happier.

You’ve been liberated!

14. The diet worked.

Gracie still has the same smile.

My friends dog, Gracie, was starting to get a little chunky so he put her on a diet. 5 months later and Gracie is looking pretty fit!
byu/DieJenkins inaww

Good job, boys and girls!

Those photos put a big smile on my face.

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about your pets that have lost a bunch of weight and share some photos if you have them.

We look forward to hearing from you!