13 Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

(C)Unsplash,Kari Shea


There are few things better or more satisfying that rescuing a pet and bringing them into a loving home.

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but the amount of animals that are in shelters, on the street, or simply abandoned in the middle of nowhere because people don’t feel like taking care of them anymore is truly heartbreaking.

And that’s why these photos are sure to warm even the coldest of hearts out there!

They feature rescue pets who were taken into nice homes and given all the comfort and love that they deserve.

Enjoy these pics and give your pets some love for us!

1. Not so shy anymore.

Now he’s comfortable.

We adopted this cute boy and for the past couple weeks he has been SUPER shy. Today for the first time he plopped in my lap an did this 😭. from aww

2. Still going strong.

What a good boy!

I adopted this cat when he was 18, thinking we would have a few months to give him a good retirement. He’s going strong at 20. from aww

3. Gave this cat a good home.

Walking on sunshine now!

I adopted the saddest looking cat at the shelter three years ago. from aww

4. Keep them together.

I love this.

When we got them the shelter said they *had* to be adopted together. They demonstrate why on a daily basis. from aww

5. A shoulder to lean on.

He looks very happy.

First time being carried after being rescued. from aww

6. The adventures of a lifetime.

Attached at the hip.

I adopted her when I was 15 and living in California. We loved traveling together, even living in a campervan. Now I’m 25 and she’s 11, and we’re still adventuring. Now living in Europe. People say, "it’s awesome that you brought your dog when you moved!"…but not bringing her was never an option. from aww

7. Now you can relax.

Looks relieved.

My dog the night we adopted him. from aww

8. Every life is worth saving.

Words to live by.

My cat was in a shelter with a 84% kill rate, & was denied transport to a no-kill rescue bc he was "too ugly". He was so sad and just wanted love. His story was posted to FB & he was saved! I adopted him a month later (in 2018). He is so loving and such a sweetheart. Every life is worth saving!! from cats

9. What a beauty!

I’d love to have a cat just like her.

She was somehow the last of her litter to be adopted from cats

10. Brothers in arms.

Back together.

After rescuing a puppy from across the country, we found out that one of his brothers also got adopted near us. We set up a play date for the two, here’s a picture of them together. from aww

11. Arnold has a new pooch!

Dutch looks like a great pup!

Meet the newest member of the family, Dutch! from aww

12. Welcome to the family.

Very cute.

Today I adopted a stray kitten. Meet Astrid from cats

13. A good idea.

They rely on each other.

The local shelter only lets you adopt kittens in pairs. I’m starting to see why from aww

Those are great!

Now we want to hear from you.

If you have any rescue pets in your household, share some photos with us and tell us all about them in the comments.

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