I need a MAJOR dose of wholesomeness right now, friends.

There’s a lot of bad news out there and we need some positivity injected into the conversation once in a while so we know not everything out there is terrible.

Here are some wholesome posts that will put you in a good mood and remind you to keep your heads up!

1. You did a good thing.

2. Just snackin’ away.


3. Good dog!

4. Had to do it.

5. As wholesome as it gets.

6. The look of love.

7. I love the Waffle House!


8. Come on in!

9. Cheering you up.


10. Her biggest fan.


11. I love this.


12. Max is pretty happy!

13. You’re the man!


Those did the trick!

I feel much better!

Do us a favor and share something wholesome in the comments with us!