Oh, boy, here we go again

It’s time for yet another roundup of pictures of some of the weirdest things that people have been lucky (or cursed) enough to find at various thrift stores around this beautiful country of ours.

It’s a real crapshoot when you enter these stores…which is part of the fun!

Wanna see some super weird and kind of creepy things that folks found out there while shopping? Let’s take a look!

1. Behold the majesty of this painting.

This would look great right over the fireplace.

2. Do you want your child to wear this?

Of course, you do!

3. I need a Bieber couch in my life.

I know all my visitors would be very impressed.

4. I actually do want these.

Where’s the beef?!?!

5. Jesus, take the wheel.

He looks like he just heard a bad joke.

6. I have this in my kitchen…

And I don’t even have any kids. Is that weird?

7. The best book of the year.

Get with it, people!

8. Need a Leo clock?

Well, you’re in luck!

9. Wear it proudly!

This takes care of some of the small talk you might have with new people you meet.

10. In a van down by the river.

Find true freedom…

11. This is really something.

And by that, I mean pretty terrifying.

12. Keep it coming!

I’ll take another cup of that!

13. What’s Garfield up to now?

Wait…is that Garfield?

How about you?

Are you a thrift store regular?

If so, tell us about your weird finds in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!