There are some things that are just universal as kids, no matter where you grew up. And these photos are gonna bring back a FLOOD of memories.

I’m willing to bet you did most, if not all, of these things when you a youngster.

Let’s take a look.

1. Hahaha. So true.

They the next Picasso from memes

2. It has to work!

me?irl from me_irl

3. You’re not safe.

4. Always in the corner.

When you used to draw the sun in the corner every time. from nostalgia

5. Yes! Over here!

6. I’m a new person.

7. All the time.

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All the time ?

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8. It helped pass the time.

Running your finger along the grooves in the wall while in school from nostalgia

9. I’m in character, don’t bother me.

Cheers! from memes

10. Gonna be an epic fight.

Magic marker nostalgia. from funny

11. Accidentally hugged her, sorry.

5 year old me from memes

12. Now you’ve really done it…

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Kids get bored. What else can you say?

Sticking pins through skin from nostalgia

See what I’m talking about?

That fruit seed growing in the stomach story really hit home…