There are some things that are just universal as kids, no matter where you grew up. And these photos are gonna bring back a FLOOD of memories.

I’m willing to bet you did most, if not all, of these things when you a youngster.

Let’s take a look.

1. Hahaha. So true.

They the next Picasso
byu/CTHAWK32 inmemes

2. It has to work!

byu/doubledworth inme_irl

3. You’re not safe.

4. Always in the corner.

When you used to draw the sun in the corner every time.
byu/mykeuk innostalgia

5. Yes! Over here!

6. I’m a new person.

7. All the time.

8. It helped pass the time.

Running your finger along the grooves in the wall while in school
byu/FoxFourTwo innostalgia

9. I’m in character, don’t bother me.

byu/l00rk inmemes

10. Gonna be an epic fight.

Magic marker nostalgia.
byu/monstercello infunny

11. Accidentally hugged her, sorry.

5 year old me
byu/earli9ht inmemes

12. Now you’ve really done it…

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Kids get bored. What else can you say?

Sticking pins through skin
byu/MonogamousMindy_ innostalgia

See what I’m talking about?

That fruit seed growing in the stomach story really hit home…