Hey, dogs get jealous, too.

You don’t believe me?

Well, you’re about to see photographic evidence of what happens when you introduce a new dog into a home where an older (A.K.A. “original”) dog now has to share their domain with a new, younger pooch.

And a lot of them are NOT feeling it. At all.

I mean, can you blame them?

They’re not the king of the castle anymore…and that’s kind of a bummer…

Let’s take a look at these photos of dogs that are not solely in charge anymore.

1. I can’t get up the stairs!

Now what am I supposed to do?

I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs. from AnimalsBeingJerks

2. Sarge is not feeling this new situation.

Hang in there, Sarge! You’ll be okay!

Our new dog pepper! Sarge is a little confused though. from aww

3. Who does Mom love more?

Fighting for her affection.

Sibling rivalry… from dogpictures

4. Just sitting there and taking it…

It’s time to fight back!

Little brother is so annoying from goldenretrievers

5. Trying hard to be annoyed…

But damn that puppy is adorable!

Old Boye is heckin annoyed at New Girl from rarepuppers

6. Get this thing outta here!

I can’t take it anymore!

How your dog feels when you bring home a "cute" new puppy from dogpictures

7. Boo is a little crazy right now.

And Dude is trying to deal with it…

Dude just got a sister.. it’s a bit of an adjustment.. Reddit, meet Boo (on the left) from aww

8. The stinky side-eye.

Not psyched about this new situation.

9. Have a seat! Anywhere you like!

Not there, though!

Posted by Patti Bueno Jolly on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

10. We got a dogfight on our hands!

Who will be victorious?

11. Ouch! That hurts!

Milo’s a lot bigger than you, so I’d be careful.

My six year old Pyr Milo and his new baby brother Rumi 🙂 from greatpyrenees

12. Can I get in the photo?

Get used to this guy tagging along…

Annoying little brother… from aww

13. Now you’re in big trouble!

Don’t start what you can’t finish.

That moment when you regret what you started with big brother. from dogpictures

How about you?

Do you have more than one pooch? If so, how do they get along? Is there any jealousy involved.

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what the situation is like in your house!