13 People Talk About What They Thought Was the Epitome of Class When They Were Young Kids

(C)Unsplash,Yuri Bodrikhin


Isn’t it funny how when you’re a kid, you have no perception of how the world really works or of how much things actually cost?

And, on top of that, you really have no clue about what’s actually classy or is a quality product.

But as you grow older, all that stuff comes into focus and it’s kind of fun to look back on those times and laugh at yourself.

And that’s what people on Twitter did recently in a very funny thread.

This tweet got the festivities kicked off.

Let’s see what people had to say!

1. More Cold Duck?

That’ll show them!

2. Oh, man…

So jealous of people who had water beds.

3. Sausage and cheese for days.

All you can eat!

4. Mind = Blown.

These things are pretty good, though.

5. They are!

Do you fondue?

6. The high-class shit!

Elegance personified.

7. You deserve it!

Give it a shot!

8. Oh, boy, this brings back memories.

You were a high roller with this stuff.

9. Eat up!

That stuff is delicious.

10. In the big city.

Gettin’ wild!

11. Say no more.

Unlimited salad and breadsticks.

12. So awesome.

Still my dream to have one someday…

13. That looks awesome.

Back to the disco era.

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, talk to us about what YOU thought was incredibly classy when you were a kid.

We can’t wait to hear from you.