13 People Share Their Parents’ Celebrity Crushes

(C)Unsplash,Jamie Street


I was sitting on the couch several years ago watching Mad Men with my mom when she suddenly said out of nowhere: “I love your father and all, but if Jon Hamm showed up on my doorstep and offered to take me away, I’d be gone in a heartbeat.”

So there’s really no mystery about who my mom’s celebrity crush is…

And we all have them, right? Well, so do our parents, believe it or not.

This tweet got a pretty epic thread kicked off about the celebs that moms and dads out there are really sweet on…

Let’s see what people had to say!

1. Double impact.

Two singers in the house. NKOTB!

2. Paul Newman was the man.

One of the coolest actors of all time.

3. That’s kind of strange, but okay…

The Cuomo brothers are now a hot commodity.

4. Mother would never!

Dad, on the other hand…

5. Here’s the deal.

Mom cutting to the chase.

6. Mom likes the younger guys.

Haha, the Property Brothers?!?!

7. He is a national treasure.

People are very passionate about Mr. Goldblum.

8. There you have it.

Two pretty different crushes….

9. She moved on.

But Ricky might still be #1.

10. He was a good one.

Who left us way too early.

11. Two tough guys.

Both with a commanding presence.

12. Wow! Way different.

Mom likes to mix it up.

Well, there you have it. Now you know…

Okay, it’s your turn now! In the comments, tell us all about your celebrity crushes. And tell us who your parents are tyrna smash too, if you know.

Please and thank you!