We all have those lines in the sand when it comes to our own personal beliefs and behaviors. We don’t break them ourselves, and we don’t like it when other people do, either. These things tend to be pretty personal though, so you may be surprised to learn what these 15 people would never consider throwing out the window!

#15. Neat and tidy.

“Keep a neat and tidy work space. I build cabinets and furniture for a living. Having your work space and tools in disarray can lead to mistakes easier than one might think.”

#14. It grosses me out.

“I can let my room get messy at times, but I always make sure that unfinished food and plates that had food on them are taken care of right away. It just grosses me out to leave that stuff around my room.

I also make sure to drink water after every meal and really, every drink I have that isn’t water.”

#13. Littering.

“I don’t litter.”

#12. Where I came from.

“Remember where I came from. 33 years ago I was a college failure with no job, no food, no money and no future. People helped me who didnt have to. I owe them to help others to pay back what they did for me. If I can help, I have to help.”

#11. Never make fun.

“Never make fun of somebodies weird laugh, as it could be the only time somebody is truly happy, and to take that away from somebody else is just unnecessary.”

#10. Kindness.

“Same rules I raise my sons by: 1. Kindness matters even if no one else will see it 2. Kindness will not always mean niceness. 3. Kindness starts with yourself, you cannot give what you do not have.”

#9. Feeling included.

“If im in a group of 3+ people, i will always talk to everyone. There’s usually always 1 person who is quiet because of some reason…maybe wasnt there for something we talked about or just cant find a way to contribute. I know that feeling all too well, just standing there with nothing to say feels awkward and uncomfortable. I dont want anyone to feel like how I used to. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but to that one person, it might’ve made their day feeling included.”

#8. Intentions.

“I never get angry at accidents or punish people for something they didn’t intend to happen.

Along the same lines, I don’t care who’s fault it is, I just want to know what happened and how it’s being fixed.”

#7. The toilet paper.

“always replace the toilet paper if you used the last of it

if you pee on the seat, clean it up

do your own dish

don’t litter”

#6. Work at work.

“I walk into work leaving emotion at the door and walk out of work, leaving work at work.

Its easier said then done, but it allows for a great work life balance.

Edit: can’t believe how high this is! Going to try and answer some of the questions!”

#5. Say thank you.

“If someone does something well – I tell them / thank them. People are genuinely surprised when others take the time to give positive feedback.

Edit: Hey thanks everyone, glad you all liked my ‘rule.’ :)”

#4. The keys.

“Never lock the car door without my keys in my hand.”

#3. Even if I don’t feel like I need to.

“Always pee before going to bed. Even if I don’t feel like I need to.”

#2. My good word.

“If you make a promise to someone make sure its one you can keep. If its something that might not happen I’ll say “I will do my best on this but I can’t promise anything.” I try very hard to keep my word good.”

#1. Don’t wear out your welcome.

“Never over stay your welcome. Always leave way before your welcome has expired.”