The question of what superpower you would want gets floated often, and the answers run the gamut. We take less time, though, to think over what powers would be terrible to have for one reason or another (for me, it would be the ability to hear other people’s thoughts – unless you could turn it off, that would be a nightmare!).

These 13+ Redditors take a moment to muse, however, and their responses are bound to get you thinking.

#15. A life of exile.

“Super strength if gone unregulated would force you into a life of exile because you might accidentally destroy everything around you.”

#14. For hours on end.

“Super hearing, enjoy listening to everyone snore for hours on end.”

#13. Most sympathized.

“The Thing” from Fantastic Four is probably one of the most sympathised superheroes.”

#12. Some things can’t be unseen.

“X-ray vision. Some things just can’t be unseen.”

#11. Classic.

“The classic “everything you touch turns to gold” would be pretty terrible.”

#10. Vapid idiots.

“Reading minds. You could never go out, or would end up spending time with the most vapid idiots.”

#9. Dull and joyless.

“Precognition. Being able to see the future would remove any sense of excitement or surprise. Life would become dull and joyless.”

#8. Teleportation probs.

“Teleportation. If you can’t see where you are teleporting, you could easily just clip inside of an object or another person.”

#7. Don’t lose your temper.

“Psychic powers/ Psychokinesis power

If you lose your temper even once with someone you could unconsciously fold them together several times without actually wanting to.”

#6. Can you even imagine?

“A super sense of smell. Can you even imagine how that would affect your life?!”

#5. Existentially frightening.

“Immortality would be sad and just existentially frightening.”

#4. Without the healing.

“Wolverine’s claws without wolverine’s healing.”

#3. Unless of course.

“Any destructive powers would actually suck to have in our non-superhero world. Unless of course you want to become a villain.”

#2. Think about it.

“Super Speed would suck. You’d wear out sneakers almost immediately through friction, bugs would constantly splat into your face, and you would be forever having to dodge everything. Think how alert you have to be while driving at just 30MPH. Now imagine how much focus you need to run at 100MPH?”

#1. A fear of heights.

“As someone with fear of heights, flight.”