In recent years, parents-to-be have been hosting “gender reveal” parties. The idea is simple: the expectant couple does something, like slice a cake or open a box of balloons, revealing either pink or blue colors. These parties have become popular thanks to advances in DNA testing that allow parents to find out their baby’s gender much earlier, as well as the popularity of gender reveal videos on social media. They’re fun for the parents, but also fun for the spectators because the parents’ reactions can range from enthusiastic to not-so-enthusiastic.

Since gender reveal parties have become more and more common, couples have found all sorts of inventive ways to pull off the reveal. Below, you can check out some GIFS of particularly creative gender reveals. They’ll probably make you wanna get pregnant as soon as possible!

1. Nothing But Net

Credit: Matthew Romero

2. Bullseye

Credit: Veronika Wieczorek

3. Feliz Cumpleaños!

Credit: Jen Marie

4. Ripped

Credit: RM Videos

5. Hut, Hut, Hike!

Credit: xx1n1xx

6. Pet Project

Credit: Jenna Miles

7. Silly String

Credit: Stefen Phelps

8. Fore!

Credit: Naomi Black

9. Smokin’

Credit: VlexReign

10. Umbrella

Credit: Fail Squad

11. In Your Face

Credit: Sarah Louise

12. Home Run

Credit: Billy Wayne Beard

13. Um, Sure!

Credit: Raquel Harrigan



h/t: Buzzfeed