Did you know that a group of Karens is called “a complaint”?

Hahaha. That really tickles my funny bone, if I’m being honest.

And I also gotta say that I feel pretty bad for the nice folks named Karen out there because your name is being dragged through the mud by these less-than-desirable people who are incredibly rude, entitled, and self-centered.

Here are some funny and accurate memes about how terrible all those Karens out there really are.

1. Isn’t that adorable?

No. No, it isn’t.

Based on a true story… from FuckYouKaren

2. No one wants to hear that song.

Turn it off!

I can hear it… from FuckYouKaren

3. Haircuts for the whole family!

Isn’t that just adorable?

Karen strikes once again from memes

4. This manager is f**ked.

Sorry for what’s about to happen to you…

Karen and the crew from memes

5. This is good.

Karanos strikes again.

an actual Karen named Karen from memes

6. A good Karen!

She’s on our side! Fighting for justice!

Karen drops truths AND demands to speak to the manager. from FuckYouKaren

7. Hahaha. Hey, that’s not bad.

I’d read that book for a laugh.

8. Death setting her straight.

And now she needs to see Death’s manager. Of course…

Is afterlife vegan? from FuckYouKaren

9. That looks terrifying.

They move in herds…looking for victims.

Karen World from memes

10. Isn’t that ironic?

Of course, they don’t think so…

Happy Sunday sweetie! from FuckYouKaren

11. Good job, Karen!

One of the good ones.

Karen talking to the manager for good from FuckYouKaren

12. She seems like a real treat.

That is just plain ridiculous.

Drive to other state to not use a mask from FuckYouKaren

13. Call him Chad.

Or maybe Brad. Or even Thad.

male Karen name? from FuckYouKaren

And there you have it!

Now we want to hear from all of you!

Have you had any bad run-ins with any Karens lately? Did things quickly spiral out of control as they tend to do when Karens are involved?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments.