I get it, I get it…

Summer 2020 was supposed to be full of fun and adventure and now…we have this whole mess to deal with.

And it sucks! There’s no doubt about that, friends.

But we might as well have some good laughs at our situation, right?

Damn right!

Here are some hilarious posts about what a shitshow summer 2020 (and this whole cursed year) turned into.


1. That’s a great visual.

Thank you for that!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

2. All the great hits!

Someone needs to make this a reality ASAP.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

3. Out with my boys.

About to take a dip in the pool.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

4. Screw it! Let’s eat!

I can handle all the food you throw at me.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

5. Are you okay, ma’am?

Keeping a close eye on people this summer.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

6. Here comes the bomb.

Didn’t see that one coming…

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

7. They’re having a blast!

Join in on the fun!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

8. I can’t take this anymore!

Depression overload, am I right?


9. Summer of George is no more.

It’s sad, but true.

10. White as a ghost.

Have you been moon-bathing?


11. This guy has the right idea.

Making the best of it!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

12. A great look for everyone!

You’re gonna look HOT.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

13. Might as well wash the car again…

Better luck next year.

Did you have any big summer plans that got wiped away by the current…situation?

If so, tell us what you’re doing instead to pass the time.

Please and thank you!