13 Hilarious Posts About Nature Taking Over Because Humans Aren’t Going Outside

(C)Unsplash,Wynand van Poortvliet


As almost all of us are sitting in our houses or in our backyards thinking back to the glory days of a couple of months ago where we could go anywhere and do anything…but in the meantime, nature and wildlife is reclaiming the land because there just aren’t any humans around to disrupt it anymore…

But, of course, people had to make fun of this new phenomenon with funny posts about nature reclaiming the Earth.

Wild pizzas! What?!?!

Enjoy these funny posts and keep an eye out for developments in your neighborhood.

1. Look at that!

2. I missed them!

3. They’re inside the house now.

4. They’re back to roam the earth.

5. The wild pizza and spaghetti trees.

6. Back in their natural habitat.

7. Look at them jump!

8. I saw one, too.

9. Sprouting up everywhere.


11. Animals just roaming everywhere.

12. Isn’t life incredible?

13. Tears of joy.

Oh nature, we knew you had it in you to make an epic comeback!

Have you seen any unusual activity outside where you live?

Or maybe you’ve seen other funny posts about wildlife returning to take over the world?

Please talk to us in the comments! Let’s see what ya got!