It all started with a photo of a girl holding a sign that said: “Your Music Saved Me.” (I think she was at a Hoobastank concert).

So, of course, people on social media started to pair that image with ridiculous and funny photos that would make us all laugh!

Let’s take a look at these funny memes.

1. Big fan of this.

2. I would go to this show.

3. There goes Pikachu.

4. Killin’ it!

5. Looks like a killer mosh pit.

6. No idea who this is…can someone help me?

7. Ditto over here.

8. The nerds!

9. Epic Sax Guy.

10. More cowbell…

11. Knew this was coming…

12. Space Ghost.

13. This might be my favorite.

Boy, those sure are funny.

Are you a fan of these memes? If you had to make one of your own, what band or artist would you choose?

Tell us all about it in the comments! Please and thank you!