Let’s not sugarcoat this whole situation: this health crisis is very serious and you undoubtedly know that hundreds of thousands of people have died worldwide because of it.

So wear a mask when you go out in public because it helps everyone out in the long run.

But we also need to live our lives and laugh a little bit, so let’s all enjoy these funny memes about wearing face masks when we venture into the outside world.

Hey, hopefully it’ll be over sooner than later, but in the meantime, just wear the damn mask, okay?

Enjoy these tweets!

1. Why aren’t you smiling?

No more of that!

2. Mine weighs at least 10.

Gotta drop those pounds somehow…

3. You know you’ve done it.

It’s just part of the deal.


4. That’s disgusting.

But it’s also very true.

5. They sure are!

I’m glad you’ve made this discovery.

6. I need this too for my sunglasses.

Can anybody out there offer some advice?

7. Dear diary…

Be careful with that stuff.

8. What a relief it is!

Feels like liberation!


9. Yeah, I’ve had enough of those.

We all look pretty much the same with these things on.


10. That’s one good thing about it.

How many bags of Fritos did you just buy?

11. Oh, no!

How will the world know?


12. A great excuse!

Once we don’t have to wear masks, THEN I’ll work out.

13. Do what you gotta do.

Whatever works, right?

We have to laugh right now, or else we’ll all break down crying!

So let’s just laugh, okay?!?!

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about your personal mask experiences lately and share a photo of yourself wearing one with us!

And remember, WEAR A MASK when you go out in public, please!