Isn’t looking for a job the worst?

I sure think it is!

You get rejection email after rejection email, your self-esteem plummets to the depths of Hell, and you feel like you’re never gonna find employment ever again…

Hey, most of us have been there!

So, while you keep your nose to the grindstone and try to land a new gig, take a few moments to enjoy these funny and accurate posts about job hunting.

Good luck out there!

1. It was determined that you were lying!

I bet you’ve seen this one before…

Job Hunting in 2020
byu/agroupthink inrecruitinghell

2. Might as well just show up and join the team!

Has anyone ever actually tried this before?

nothing they can do
byu/infamouszgbgd inrecruitinghell

3. If they can do it, you can do it.

What’s the hold-up, people?!?!

When recruiters offer me $11 an hour for skilled Desktop Support, I send them this
byu/Mischif07 inrecruitinghell

4. Some employers definitely need to hear this.

Maybe you’re the problem? Something to think about…

“nO OnE WAntS tO WoRk!”
byu/VT_Forever inrecruitinghell

5. I guess this is one way to look at things.

Thank you for the rejection!

Eat an absolute dick
byu/AF_woods inrecruitinghell

6. You better not ghost me!

I’m sure you’ve dealt with this at one point or another.

idgaf anymore, sending rude replies to recruiters who ghost
by inrecruitinghell

7. It ain’t 1960 anymore.

No doubt about that!

A little too accurate
by inrecruitinghell

8. If this doesn’t prove how ridiculous job advertisements are, I don’t know what does.

What else can you possibly do?

Saw it online
byu/symphonymelodysong inrecruitinghell

9. Makes me want to jump off a bridge.

I wasn’t very inspired by this.

Is this supposed to be inspiring?
byu/courtesa inrecruitinghell

10. It’s right there!

This is gonna take a while…

byu/Windexjuice inrecruitinghell

11. Don’t fall for it!

You’re not a family!

And don’t forget we’re a family here!
byu/jtworsley inrecruitinghell

12. Amen to this!

Get that s**t in writing!

We need to make discussing salary normal
byu/bookluvr83 inrecruitinghell

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We look forward to it!