13 Funny and Wholesome Dog Posts to Brighten up Your Day

(C)Unsplash,Cole Keister


I know that when I’m in a bad mood and really feel like I’m down in the dumps, one thing and one thing only lifts my spirits. Something I can always turn to in times of crisis.

DOGS! All kinds of dogs. All breeds, all sizes, all shapes.

Whether it’s in-person or just adorable posts like you’re about to see, I love seeing dogs in all their glory.

They just immediately put a big smile on my face, what else can I say?

Here are some nice dog posts that we hope will brighten your day.


1. Your own set of keys!

Everywhere she goes.

This is Billie. She never understood why I had a set of keys to bring in the car and she didn’t. I got her a set of her own and now she insists on bringing them anytime we go for a drive! from aww

2. Found the spot.

Sunbathing all day long.

The perfect spot from aww

3. Oh yes, it does!

This is so awesome.

The perfect tattoo doesn’t exi… from aww

4. Best friends forever!

And unlikely ones, too!

Double boop from aww

5. I knew it!

They’ve been missing all winter.

And with the melting snow, the Mystery of the Missing Socks was solved. from pics

6. Awwwww. Doggles!

I think she looks great!

My 15 year old Chihuahua has very sensitive eyes due to iris atrophy. Here she is in her "doggles." I smile at this photo on an hourly basis. Hope it has the same effect for others. from aww

7. Squeeze on in there.

It’s this dog’s favorite spot!

Still fits! from AnimalsBeingDerps

8. There’s the thief!

Sorry about that.

"Just want to apologize to any of our neighboors who are missing a full rack of ribs. Our dog escaped through the fence and came back an hour later with this. 😂"#LoveWhatMattersCredit: Peter Sparkie Lyons

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

9. A very vicious canine.

Are you scared yet?

Attack dog ❤️ from aww

10. Found your family.

Join the club, big fella!

Same same from aww

11. The ultimate Photobomb!

Couldn’t help himself.

What? You’re not going to include me? from AnimalsBeingDerps

12. Have a look, Gus.

He can see and sniff.

My friend made holes in his gate so Gus the Labrador can see and sniff from funny

13. Hahahaha. So good.

Why is everyone laughing at me?

My dog stole the head of a dish brush. from AnimalsBeingDerps

Those posts sure hit the spot! And we hope you had a great time looking at these funny pics.

Can you do us a HUGE favor?

In the comments, please share a photo of your pooch and tell us a little bit about them.

Let’s keep this dog party going! Til the break of dawn, y’all!