Not all graffiti has to be intimidating and negative and scary. In fact, it can be downright wholesome once in a while!

And here are 13 examples of stuff that, while technically not legal, still will make you smile.

Let’s keep it positive, fam!

1. Good life advice.

On the wall of an elementary school in Vancouver, Canada.
byu/Don_Keeballs42 inwholesomevandalism

2. I’ll go this way.

Me irl
byu/Dabber_Danny inmeirl

3. One of the best tags out there.

Found my first one!
by inwholesomevandalism

4. Gary is on fire!

Gary’s Support Continues!
byu/im_a_pigeon inwholesomevandalism

5. Get offline once in a while.

thought this was fitting
byu/appealingpotato inwholesomevandalism

6. Let’s all smile.

Found this on wholesome memes and thought it belonged here
byu/ThePOVOfAKid inwholesomevandalism

7. Love NOW.

Why Wait, Love Now
byu/AfterSchoolOrdinary inwholesomevandalism

8. That’s better.

Fixed it
byu/uthot69 inwholesomevandalism

9. Damn straight!

byu/OrphicStone inwholesomevandalism

10. Keep that in mind.

byu/KustomKonceptz inwholesomevandalism

11. Remind yourself of this.

saw this in berkeley after a really tough week mentally. made me smile.
byu/atomicourier inwholesomevandalism

12. One in 7 billion.

Tbilisi unknown artist
byu/Tornike_Legend inwholesomevandalism

13. That’s all you need.

I agree
by inwholesomevandalism

Wasn’t that nice? You bet it was!

Have you seen any nice, wholesome graffiti lately?

Share some pics with us in the comments!