Some folks got it and some folks don’t.

I’m referring to design skills of all kinds and, if you’ve bothered to open up your eyes at any point lately, you’ve definitely noticed that there is A TON of bad design out there. And I’m talking about all kinds of different things.

It’s kind of amazing that some people get paid big bucks for the things you’re about to lay your eyes on.

And it certainly is a sad state of affairs…

Let’s look at the evidence.

1. Who’s responsible for this?!?!

Really dropped the ball on this one.

If you’ve ever thought kids getting hurt one at a time isn’t efficient enough, here’s an idea! from CrappyDesign

2. It’s like an obstacle course.

Who’s ready to have some fun?!?!

You either wet your shoes or do some exercise to cross this bridge from CrappyDesign

3. Looks a little bit off to me.

Do you see it?

hmmm from hmmm

4. Do that in the privacy of your own home, please.

Some things should be private.

Don’t **** your dog in this park from CrappyDesign

5. Looks like a lot of fun!

But the ball doesn’t bounce too well…

Everybody loves beach basketball! from CrappyDesign

6. Cover your nose!

Come on, people!

Not all heroes cover their noses from CrappyDesign

7. Isn’t that ironic?

You better sleep with one eye open.

So the fire alarm caught on fire earlier from CrappyDesign

8. I’m seeing some foul language on that mask.

Don’t wear that out in public!

So my sister had a Clemson mask made for her… from CrappyDesign

9. Is this cheese expired?

The green is not a good look.

The paper in this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots from CrappyDesign

10. An epic fail, if there ever was one.

Oh, boy…

Behold, the sensory overload car! from CrappyDesign

11. Don’t drink the shampoo.

Some people, I swear…

This is shampoo… from CrappyDesign

12. Some very poor design.

Well, I guess you can wear those snow boots in the summer.

These snow boots that have bottoms that don’t release snow. They turn into ice high heels after 2 steps from CrappyDesign

13. All these great health benefits!

Drink it up!

The health benefits of ginger tea include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more! from CrappyDesign

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about some examples of really bad design that you’ve laid your eyes on.

And share some photos, too, please! Thanks!