The world is filled with so many obstacles and gadgets that it can be hard to maneuver sometimes, you know what I’m saying?

And we can all use some shortcuts once in a while, don’t you agree?

But once in a while, some genius comes up with an idea that really makes you admire the ingenuity of human beings!

And I love it when that happens!

Take a look at these cool solutions to various issues and tell us what you think in the comments.

1. You can never have too much coffee.

And I do mean NEVER.

A local cafe uses some ice cubes made of frozen coffee so my iced coffee wouldn’t get as watered down
byu/BenjiMalone inmildlyinteresting

2. If you never worked in a grocery store, this is very handy.

What a cool idea!

This paper bag that shows you how to pack it
byu/Sugalips2000 inmildlyinteresting

3. A big help.

You know how annoying that suction can be…

This is a mud shovel. The holes help break suction when digging in mud.
byu/kearnest117 ininterestingasfuck

4. Makes life a little bit easier.

This is brilliant!

These handles don’t connect to the floor so the floor can be cleaned more easily.
byu/SockPants inmildlyinteresting

5. Go around him!

And he doesn’t even need to talk to you!

This maintenance guy’s shirt doubles as a sign
byu/Hi_mynameis_Matt inmildlyinteresting

6. Now I really like this idea!

Let’s go shopping, Fido!

They have pet carts in grocery stores in Italy
byu/MerleChi inmildlyinteresting

7. Do not enter.

Every place needs these.

This restaurant’s restrooms change lighting when occupied
byu/CliffbytheSea inmildlyinteresting

8. Go ahead and take your time.

What’s the big rush?

If you’re an elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time (Singapore)
byu/Caesar95 inmildlyinteresting

9. Make the kids feel comfortable.

Who doesn’t love this one?

doctors paint the MRI machine in the children’s clinic to look like a submarine
byu/whiteShtef inpics

10. Time to get some new ones.

No more guessing!

This Goodyear tire has tread depth measuring built into the rubber.
byu/RobTheKings inmildlyinteresting

11. Now you don’t have to poke your eyeballs in there anymore.

What a relief!

you can see how much milk is left inside
byu/D3rF3lx inmildlyinteresting

12. This is cool. Now you can put the other one away in a box.

Or frame it…

My university sent me a wallet-sized diploma
byu/frankp0013 inmildlyinteresting

Have you seen any other cool solutions to things lately?

If the answer is YES, tell us about them in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!