›Growing up is hard to do, and the more of an “adult” you become, the more you realize that age is just a number. Having kids of your own is often a way to remind yourself of all of the fun stuff that used to make your day as a child – and if you’re doing it right, it’s also a chance to keep doing those “childish” things you love, like these 15 folks on AskReddit.

#15. Only occasionally.

“I (21M) occasionally enjoy going up the stairs on all fours.”

#14. Every time.

“Swinging my legs when my feet don’t touch the ground whilst sitting in a chair.”

#13. Nothing not fun.

“Playing at the playground.

Because there is nothing NOT fun about climbing to the tippy top of a jungle gym, sliding down ALL the slides (then climbing back up them again), swinging on the swings till you’re sick and then jumping right off, and doing jungle gym parkour till you tire yourself out. Not to mention it’s amazing exercise. :)”

#12. Milk isn’t just for kids.

“Chocolate milk is great for after workouts idk why people think it’s childish.”

#11. Especially dirty ones.

“Alphabet soup.

It’s still fun to spell words in the soup.”

#10. Don’t forget to jump off!

“Swinging on a swing set, trying to get that funny feeling in your stomach from swinging too high and jumping off when I’m done.”

#9. I just can’t take him anywhere.

“My father, who is in his 60’s, was playing with legos at a dentist’s office (normal legos not the jumbo kind). He used his teeth to remove one of the bricks when he looks up at me and quickly stops playing. I find out the next day from my mother that he managed to swallow a lego. I just can’t take him anywhere. Months later he chipped his tooth in an unrelated accident.”

#8. Once in a while.

“Sugary cereals.

I can’t do them often (I’m a healthy eater), but a little Count Chocula or Frankenberry around Halloween can be a fun thing.”

#7. Close enough.


I’m 37 years old with no daughters to use an excuse to play, so I got The Sims. Not the same but close enough.”

#6. Love it all.

“Pokémon. Cards, games, toys. Love it all.”

#5. Guaranteed.

“25 with 20+ guns. You put a nerf gun in anyone’s hand and I guarantee they’ll be having fun within 5 minutes.”

#4. Imagine.

“Traipsing through a forest with my dog, I will always imagine I’m a warrior princess stomping through a magical forest. Sometimes I have a little internal chat about the current politics of this fantasy land.”

#3. Always Spongebob.

“Watching the cartoons from my childhood. My roommates and I love watching Spongebob, Hey Arnold, Batman the Animated Series, etc.”

#2. Cute as hell.

“Plushies. They are cute as hell and calming.”

#1. Freakin’ awesome.

“We built a fort in the theater in my college dorm last night. Its freakin awesome.”