I’m in love…with these tweets!

I mean, they’re about dogs and cats, so what else do you really want in life, you know?

Enjoy these beauties! We know we sure did!

1. Close call.

You scared us!

2. What a weirdo.

Call the cops!

3. What a snapshot.

Some things never change.

4. Just do it!

It’s good for you.

5. Are you scared yet?

I sure am…

6. Totally normal.

Don’t even worry about it.

7. Is this what you ordered?

Yes it is!

8. You shouldn’t do that.

Bad idea!

9. Can I help you?

This would scare me.

10. Money well spent.

You sound responsible!

11. I bet they did, too.

Like a superhero…or a villain.

12. This is good!

You gotta love it!

Now we want to meet your pets.

Share some pics with us in the comments.

We can’t wait!