I have a friend who has had a running text joke going with an unsuspecting stranger for a FEW YEARS now.

He got a random text one day about some crazy story from a complete stranger who obviously thought they were texting a friend or a family member…

So, he decided to roll with it!

And, wouldn’t you know it, a few years later this person is still texting him with crazy stories and he acts like he’s in on the whole thing. And this person has no idea.

I have to tip my hat to my friend for putting in the time and effort with this elaborate ruse, because I get screenshots of all the interactions and sometimes, it’s the only thing that makes me laugh on a given day.

So, in the spirit of my friend’s great work, here are some funny wrong number texts that we think you’ll enjoy.

Let’s go!

1. Just trying to help out.

Cheers and good luck.

Just attempting to be helpful!
byu/akcafe inwrongnumber

2. Hey baby…

Nothing good ever comes after that, by the way.

Wrong number text I received today.
byu/darkwriter1416 infacepalm

3. This one took quite a while.


No, this is patrick
byu/Finemoojie inwrongnumber

4. I wonder what’s really going on here…

I guess we’ll never know.

5. Can we talk…?

Now, this is nice.

Wholesome conversation from a wrong #
byu/K1Only inwrongnumber

6. You got punked!

This guy seems cool, though.

So someone texted me today thinking I was their tinder hookup !
byu/enchanteddawn inwrongnumber

7. You did the right thing.

The world needs to see this!

A random person texted me by accident so I took the opportunity to show them this llama in a lobster costume
by inwrongnumber

8. Hahahaha. Wow.

Good apology, by the way.

Good Apology
byu/SuperAnonymous287 inwrongnumber

9. Bob is a weirdo.

And now everyone knows.

10. Girl, dump him.

Good life advice.

11. Some tax issues going on here.

Get that outta here!

I’m not old enough to need to do taxes
byu/marvelman506 inwrongnumber

12. Good night, and good luck.

You made their day!

Good luck with your cigs, random new friend 🙂
byu/jeffk42 inwrongnumber

Has anything like this happened to you?

It’s happened to me and all I can say is that things can get weird pretty quickly.

Share your “texting gone wrong” stories in the comments with us.

We’d love to hear from you!