I have a question for you…

Have you seen people acting really, really DUMB online lately?

You know you have!

We all have!

It’s one of the more enjoyable parts of browsing through social media.

And today, you’re in for a treat, my friends.

Because not only are you gonna see people acting like total idiots, but you’re gonna see them get put in their places by other folks! It’s gonna be great.

Let’s get it started!

1. This guy again…

I’ll just leave this one right here…

2. Hmmm, take some time to let that sink in.

Makes a good point…

3. This woman is gonna party!

You do your thing!

4. This guy is a real loser.

Sorry, I had to say it.

5. Does the Bible talk about kangaroos? I can’t remember.

I’ll have to go back and check…

6. Oh Eric…you poor thing.

Why do people post things like this online? It’s humiliating!

7. Just got put in your place!

Take that, men who look like Magic Mike!

8. Here we go again.

People really aren’t getting the hang of it, are they?

9. Hahaha, Michael McKean for the win!

This is hilarious.

10. It’s good for everyone.

But some folks will never see it that way…

11. Maybe you’re just lazy?

Something to think about…

12. People still don’t understand that Hollywood is make believe.

Man, what a big dummy.

Now we want to hear from you, friends!

Have you seen any really dumb folks on social media lately?

Share some screenshots with us in the comments. We look forward to it!