Sometimes, it’s nice to be tricked. Like when a magician completely blows your mind, for example. These photos may not be David Blaine, but they’re pretty close.

Scroll through this collection of tricky images and let your mind be boggled to your heart’s content.

1. No, that’s not a cigarette in an ash tray.

Photo Credit: Reddit: BrackAttack

2. Could have fooled me…

3. “My friend holding an ice circle over the sun.”

4. A layer of ice floating above the ground.

Photo Credit: Reddit: snail_man

5. The only thing “bad” about this image are those legs.

Photo Credit: Reddit: mydiversion

6. “I thought I found a banana on the street.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: SalmonNigiri

7. How’d you get in there?

Photo Credit: Reddit: DraftDraw

8. I think I found your cat!

9. “This fungus looks like a perfectly toasted marshmallow with some nice chocolate stuff in the middle.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: fender0011

10. “My hairless guinea pig totally looks like an eggplant.”

11. Believe it or not, that isn’t a fried egg.

Photo Credit: Reddit: LegendOfLucy

12. Broccoli tree.

13. “When I look at this case, I start to feel hungry.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: herboholic

14. “Ohhhhh, who lives in a pineapple on the sidewalk?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: snorris93

15. “The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie.”