If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know that they like to spend time in front of mirrors…once they find out that mirrors exist, that is…

You have to consider what’s going through an animal’s head when they look into a mirror for the first time. Who is that? Is that me? Or is that another rival neighborhood animal from the neighborhood?

Or am I just freaking out?!?!

Whatever the case, it has to be weird for these furry little friends of ours. And that’s why they spend so much time blowing their own minds staring into mirrors…once they find out that mirrors exist, that is…

Here are some funny animals we think you’ll appreciate.

1. We all want someone to look at us like this…

Don’t you agree?

Find someone who looks at you the way my cat looks at himself in the mirror from aww

2. All kinds of angles.

Let’s check it out.

The importance of a selfie angle from aww

3. This cat is VERY surprised.

Can you blame her?

4. The most evil cat in the world.

Feel the flames…

Kill them. Kill them all. from funny

5. This pooch needs some reassurance.

I hope this little talk helped.

"I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me" from aww

6. Totally mesmerized.

What am I looking at here?

My cat thinks my makeup mirror is mesmerizing from aww

7. Getting ready for the day.

Let’s get to the bottom of our issues, shall we?

My rabbit does this every day. Not sure what he’s thinking about… from aww

8. Daily ritual.

And it’s a good one!

Daily ritual to connect with the mirror cat from aww

9. Well, that’s sweet!

Go ahead and give that mirror a lick!

Then she licked the mirror because it seemed like there was a nice dog in it 🙂 from aww

10. This is mortifying, isn’t it?

You’ll get through it!

11. Who am I? What is this life?

An existential crisis.

Identity Crisis from funny

12. Taking it all in.

He’s definitely easy on the eyes.

Does your pet ever do this?

If so, share some photos with us in the comments. And introduce them to us!

We’d love to meet your furry friends!