Brain freeze! What the hell just happened?

Do you ever have those moments where you just can’t remember what something is called? And you don’t think you’d be able to come up with the word (or words) even if your life depended on it?

It hits all of us differently, but I think we can safely say that it definitely hits all of us sometimes. I guess it’s just our brain telling us that we need to take a break. Or a nap. Or a two-week vacation.

Whatever the case, I think we can agree that it is always FUNNY when this happens.

So let’s check out some funny tweets from folks who had to come up with new words because they just couldn’t seem to summon up the right ones.


1. Finger necklace.

I love the second one, too!

2. It all worked out.

Maybe it should be renamed?

3. Flat beef.

Yeah…that’s what I meant.

4. You’re gasping.

In a good way!

5. That is very cute.

And it makes sense to me.

6. Ouch! Double whammy!

Well, he was just doing his best.

7. An umbrella?

Yes! One of those!

8. I’d like a REALLY wet salad.

And by that, I mean soup.

9. You had baby brain.

We’ll forgive you.

10. At least it sounded good.

They were impressed. Maybe…

11. I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry for sleep.

Sing this to yourself in the tune of “Burnin’ for You.”

12. I like it!

And I’m gonna start using it!

Does this ever happen to you?

Where you can’t remember a pretty common word or phrase?

If so, please share your funny stories with us in the comments.