I love hearing a crazy story that is also 100%, absolutely TRUE.

That’s why I enjoy listening to history podcasts, watching documentaries, and reading non-fiction books.

Life is so weird and unpredictable that even the best Hollywood screenwriter would be hard-pressed to come up stories that are more compelling than the stuff that happens in real life.

So, with that, we’re going to turn it over to folks on Twitter who told stories that sound crazy and made-up but are totally true.


1. Fake ID mix-up.

That’s so random.

2. Hole in your heart.

That is so wild!

3. Saving money!

Doing it the hard way.

4. A love story.

That worked out, huh?

5. Oh, boy…

Creepy stuff!

6. I can eat that, too!

Paper is delicious!

7. Let’s move on to Dad.

Well, isn’t that nice?!?!

8. Wow! Weird!

You’d think someone would mention that.

9. That’s really classy.

And she sounds like a great friend!

10. Hahahaha. Wow!

Aiding and abetting.

11. An offer he better not refuse.

This is totally epic.

12. This is so crazy.

I’m glad you both went to prison. Sorry, had to say it.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about a crazy story that happened to you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!