Wouldn’t it be great to go sit in a movie theater again, load up on popcorn and soda, and watch a film?

Remember those days?

Also, do you remember the really dumb things that people sitting around you always say? It never fails!

No matter where you sit, a dummy will find you, sit by you, and will make ridiculous comments throughout the movie. Ugh…it really drives me nuts.

But these examples are funny because they didn’t happen to me! People shared the dumbest things they’ve ever heard folks say at the movies and they are pretty entertaining.


1. Speak American!

These guys sound cool.

2. YOU were the dumb one.

Well, at least it was funny.

3. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Actually…no, it doesn’t.

4. Little fella.

They obviously weren’t up on this stuff.

5. Oh, sorry.

Still…pretty rude.

6. That’s odd…

I’d like to know what they were referring to, also.

7. Wrong movie.

Someone was pretty disappointed.

8. What did you expect?

Oh, get over it.

9. It’s just too darn quiet.

Have you guys seen A Loud Place yet?

10. Not a fan of the cat.

And he wanted everyone to know about it.

11. Ahhh. Never heard of it.

That’s kind of impressive.

12. Did they not know what movie they were seeing?

Seem a little strange…

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, please tell us the dumbest thing you’ve ever overheard at the movies.

Thanks in advance!